Internet Censorship in Tunisia

Internet censorship has always been an area of concern for the country of Tunisia ever since the internet was introduced back in 1996. A strict deep packet inspection had been in place to ensure the access to information was limited. The DPI technology would sometimes block what the user was looking for and sometimes even altered the desired search results by changing a few key words. However, the country breathed new life in terms of internet freedom when the reign of President Zine El Abeddine Ben Ali came to a halt in 2011. Prior to that, the internet freedom was a perfect example of how the access to the internet can be controlled by a centrally governing body.

The revolution came in 2011 and the old laws were starting to fade, however, for a country like Tunisia, it was never going to be allowed. The administration still sees the internet as an opposition and now the censorship has even been maximized on any posts against the country or their army on any social media platforms. Individuals are targeted if they are speaking against the government policies.

Previously access to video sites like YouTube and Daily Motion had been restricted. Since the revolution, the ban on various sites has decreased but there are still websites that are not accessible in the country. Just to name a few examples, a website for the international federation of journalists is still not accessible in the country.

So how can this censorship be avoided if you are living in a country like Tunisia? There are many ways that can be used to bypass censorship and the most ideal of them is to use a VPN network. You will be able to access the internet and those blocked websites by connecting to a remote server located anywhere around the world and all the information you are accessing will be passed through it. It also helps to access content that is not available locally like Netflix.

However, using a VPN server is not the only option you can use. Similar to a VPN server, there are various proxy websites that let you access information all over the world. Other options that you can use to bypass censorship are the usage of TOR. Tor was regarded as one of the most popular ways to get access to restricted data. Lastly, to bypass information, the DNS server settings can be altered which will allow you access to restricted or censored websites as well.


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